Competitive Advantages

Emotive Medical Solutions Competitive Advantages

What sets us apart from the competition? We at EMS have a high client retention rate with minimal client turnover, all thanks to our specialized and dedicated staff that ensure devotion to service to drive trust further between you and us. Our small practice yields us a competitive advantage as compared to other medical billing specialists near you. We are more goal-driven, focused on the end result, and care about providing the best customer service to you.

A medical billing company must have 3 competencies:

  1. Collect 100% of all that is allowable as efficiently and quickly as possible
  2. Deliver actionable intelligence to improve revenue and lower expenses
  3. Provide exceptional and compelling customer service.

Collect 100% of all that is allowable as efficiently and quickly as possible

Emotive Medical Solutions pursues all amounts owed with meticulousness. Our strong technology and procedures enable us to ensure accurate patient eligibility, preauthorization, demographic entity, coding, and charge entry. How is that beneficial? It drives high accuracy and high acceptance by the clearinghouse and the insurer. We work diligently to identify denial causes and patterns, correct our processes, and then pursue all outstanding amounts. As a result, we collect close to 100% of all what is allowable as quickly as possible for our clients.

Deliver actionable intelligence to improve revenue and lower expenses

With around two decades’ worth of experience with dozens of clients, we have the necessary insight that is the prerequisite of a well-run practice. If you want to improve your practice, we can aid through a comprehensive operational evaluation which includes:

  • Analyzing your billing performance
  • Auditing your practice’s policy and procedures
  • Assessing the technology and tools you work with
  • Reviewing patient care outflow
  • Reporting our findings and making recommendations

Provide exceptional and compelling customer service

Emotive Medical Solutions takes these core competencies very seriously and we are proud to say that we excel in delivering them to our clientele. We listen to our clients, understand their needs and where they are coming from, and then deliver results that exceed their expectations. In such a case where we make an error or a mistake, we make sure that we go way out of our way to identify the root cause, implement the corrective action, and apologize for the mistake. We are a driven practice, motivated to ensure your practice is maximizing cash flow. Our medical billing service’s competitive advantages benefit your practice greatly.

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Don't just trust anyone with your practice's most precious asset. Trust a company that's been doing it for over 20 years, averages $20 Million Dollars recovered per year and has a professional staff of 15 ready to serve your practice today.