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We deliver each service in a unique way that revolves around organizing our service delivery by utilizing a team-based approach. We have a team of three to four medical billing experts who are fully cross-trained to handle all aspects of your account. This approach allows for seamless expert service, full accountability, and the highest level of engagement from our team members.

EMS Service Delivery Model

Our service delivery is organized with a team-based approach in mind. Our cross-trained team services our clients in all areas, which gives us the following benefits:

Complete accountability lies with the team to make sure that we execute our core service delivery and collection competencies.

A seamless service where every team member is able to address all queries and questions their clients may have.

Significantly higher engagement because team members oversee the entire revenue cycle, understand interdependencies, learn the cause and effect, and so on.

An incentive to collect data on issues, errors, and patterns, then correct the issue by identifying the root cause because each problem tangibly affects the entire team.

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