We like to share our prices upfront as a good faith practice. We believe in offering complete transparency across the board so that our relationship with you is an honest and long-lasting one. Many of our clients choose to opt for a comprehensive billing solution wherein the fees range from 5% to 9% of the amounts collected. The fee lands are driven by volume, patient base, transactional complexity, and the operational maturity of the practice.

Custom Solutions

You can opt for an a la carte solution as well. We can customize your monthly plan that’s based on your unique needs. We can combine services as they apply to your requirements. Fees, revenue cycles, and management services may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make it easy, the way it should be.

What fees do you charge?
We charge a flat percentage of the monies collected on your behalf. The flat fee covers the entire revenue cycle, from eligibility to collections, and includes all software, statements, and credentialing. Our rates range from 6 to 8% of amounts collected, with the majority of our clients at or near 6%.
Can you work on my system or do I have to adopt yours?
Platform flexibility is important. We can utilize your systems, transition you to a new system, or utilize our in-house system (Currently AdvancedMD). We’ve invested heavily in technology and security, have expertise in dozens of specialties, and we can work with any practice management, medical records, or billing platform.
Some medical billing companies charge 3 or 4%, can you match their rates?
We are a full-service medical billing company. Our team consists of well-trained, fully bilingual, and highly skilled certified coders who are managed by health care experienced CPAs. Nothing is outsourced and all work is performed in our Tampa office. Most importantly, we take a tremendous amount of pride in collecting our customer's AR and providing outstanding service.
What are the benefits of outsourcing?
The American Medical Association sums it up nicely: “An average physician's practice utilizing in-house billing services spends 10% of earned income on billing-related expenses. Outsourcing medical billing expenses can cost 30% to 40% lower than in-house services.”
Said differently, outsourcing is cheaper, you collect more, eliminate employee-related issues and costs, and you have access to professional medical billers and coders to manage the entirety of your revenue cycle so you can FOCUS on your practice.
How long has your company been in the medical billing field?
We have been in business over 20 years and have extensive experience serving a variety of different clients, specialties, and practices. The majority of our clients are in the Tampa Bay area, but we also serve clients throughout Florida and the United States. Many of our clients and employees have been with us for years.
Are we HIPAA compliant?
We care deeply about protecting our client and patient information. On an annual basis we perform our risk assessments, gap analysis, training, and execute all security, privacy, training, etc. for our employees. A third-party IT service provider manages, secures, and encrypts all of our data and technology. We’ve been independently audited and certified by a healthcare consulting firm and have been found to be fully compliant with HIPAA, FIPA, and HiTech. We’ve also assisted dozens of clients in achieving HIPAA compliance with a pragmatic and cost-beneficial approach.